Established over 44 years

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• S/Steel "S" Hooks

• Price Tickets

• Wood skewers

• Various Display trays (Stockists of Dalebrook Trays & garnishings)

• Knives, cleavers, steels, saws

• Bag Sealing Machines & Tapes

• Selection of thermometers

General butchers sundries in Wales

Not only are we Wales’ quality suppliers of seasonings and glazes, packaging and clothing, but we also have a substantial range of general butchers sundries, from knives and machinery to meat nets and more.

Everything you need

We can provide you with a great range of netting and twines:


• White netting (all sizes)

• Red/White netting (all sizes)

• No. 5 Rayon Twine (White, Blue/White, Green/White, Red/White)

• Stockinette

Meat Netting & Twines

Call today for butchers sundries in Wales.

• Cleaning Products (FX7 Powerklean disinfectant, detergent & degreaser, Gojo Antibac Hand soap & sanitizer)

• Blue Centre Feed Towels & Dispensers

• Disposable gloves & aprons

• Protective Chainmail Gloves & Aprons

• Brushes and handles

General butchers' sundries