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We have a substantial range of butchers clothing at Brolyn Butchers Supplies, including:


• Gents White aprons

• Ladies White aprons

• Striped Coats

• Aprons (various colours etc)

• Gents & Ladies Trilbys

• Straw Boaters

• Pork Pie Caps

• Blue Hairnets

We understand the importance of staying safe when working with large knives, which is why we supply a range of chain mail gloves and aprons. These offer complete protection should you accidently catch your hand with a knife. Disposable gloves are also available for general work within the shop.

Butchers clothing and aprons in Wales

At Brolyn Butchers Supplies, we can bring you butchers aprons, clothes and even uniform-style clothes for your team. You can show your customers that you are a dedicated and united team with a set of professional clothes.


Our range of butchers clothing in Wales is extensive, spanning gloves and aprons, chefs clothing and more.

Gloves and chefs clothing

For all your clothing needs

To complete the traditional butcher image, we supply a number of butchers hats and protective aprons. Get in touch and we'll be happy to talk about our range!

Hats and protective aprons

Do you need new clothing for your butchers?:

Butcher's clothing